ElPadrinoTh American Cup

I.- Tournament info

Type: online, 5vs5, BO3 format for every match and BO5 for the finals
Start date: August 30 at 15:00 EST time
Rules: http://goo.gl/I2tpVo
Admin: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nanito/

II.- About the Tournament

16 teams, the best of America, will fight for a prize pool of 2000 dollars, in double elimination mode through 15 dates and a b05 final.
5 Teams invited and 10 from a qualifier

Invited Teams

No Earthspirit!
CNB e-Sports Club
Not Today
Union Gaming

III.- Prize pool

The prize pool is 2000 Dollars, thanks to the qualifier we will get it, the money received from the participants will become part of the prize pool.

First place 1200 Dollars
Second place 600 Dollars
Third place 200 Dollars

IV.- Qualifier

Event in Facebook here (in spanish)

starting at June 28 it will be 10 qualifier to fill 10 slots to the main tournament.

5 weekend, each saturday and each sunday, 32 teams will fight each other to obtain an slot for the ElPadrinoTh American Cup (1 winner each saturday and 1 winner each sunday)

sign up here .

At this moment this are the teams qualified:

You can see the update of the qualifier here:

1.- Arenales Sport Gaming

2.- Gamer’s Style

3.- Los De La Nazza

4.- V1xen Gaming

5.- SistemasNet INTSB


7.- Blackened

8.- South American Rejects

9.- Luccini Lancenter

10. Zona Vip Gaming

V.- Social

This is a resume of all the social network that are supporting us. At this moment they posted our qualifier and they will do the same for the main Cup.
Gordo Friky
Mother of Dota 2
Doteros Peru
Doteros que se respeta
Dota Cuzco
Mundo Gamers


VI.- Past Tournamets



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